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Something new; "Favourite Japanese drama" April (2011) so far...:

... And the winner is ...

Hana Kimi!!!

Okay Hana Kimi is a lot like Ouran High School Host Club because of the plot; one girl desguised as boy in an all boys school. But it's still very different. The main character moves to this school because of a certain boy and the rest I want spoil. But it's really to die for funny with all the crazy people at their school.
It's build on the Manga "Hana Kimi", I haven't read it, but I'm sure it's good also. I just thought I'd tell you if you'd like to read it before watching it.

The drama contains follwing stars;
Maki Horikita, Shun Oguri, Toma Ikuta, Hiro Mizushima and many others ;9

check it out, it's really worth it;…

Something new; "Favourite Japanese drama" May (2011) so far...

Hey! the winner's got to be ....

Mr. Brain!!!

Mr. Brain is a wonderfull serie!! (I love-love-love-love it!!) If you like some crazyness mixed up with a dectective story and if you were fund of Death Note, you might like this drama. Our main character is a stupid guff, but after an accident he changes into a genius and after years of study, he can finally use his brain fully. The plot is all about the scientist of the police helping the police with casses they can not solve alone. Please watch it!! I'm 99 % sure you wont be dissapointed, that in fact, you'll love it! :dummy: :love:


Fav. A./M. June (2011) so far...:

... And the winner is ...


Hey just wanted to tell you a little abut Genshiken today. Genshiken is actually a quite relaxing anime. It's about a group of Otaku's who meet in a club called "Genshiken" and read manga and play games. It's funny because of the characters, who have their own very individual personalty, but you should watch just because it give you a better idea of the word "Otaku", what it's like to be one, and stuff like it or if you're just bored.



Hey everyone!

I'm a girl and I'm 18 years old and I live in Denmark.

To everyone who doesn't know what "Nihon" means, I can tell you that it means Japan.. (in japanese) it's obvious that I like Japan... right?

I'm interested in manga, visual-,decora- and all -keis', mostly everything japanese (asian), drawings, art, architecture, design, creative stuff, cute things... and probably more that I forgot to mention... fascinating...

Some of my prefered Mottos...:

"A womans mood is like the whether in april (, it constantly changes without warning.)"

"When in Rome, do as the Romans do." (I don't really use this motto, but I think that's what you should do, when you're on vacation for example, try to live like they do in that country/state/town/whatever, not like you normally do, because if you just act like it's a normal day at home, then what's the point in going on vacation?)

"Be insane! Be dramatic! Be annoying! BE DIFFERENT!" (made that one too...)

My profile is;… :O_o:

my favourite smileys are these:
:disbelief: :strip: :boogie: :x :D :hungry: :boo: :teddy: :date: :flirty: :noes: :typerhappy: :dalove: :dummy: :la: :onfire: :tantrum: :tighthug: :woohoo: :ninjaeat: :hmm: :nana: :O_o: :omg: :dead: :love:
okay anyways.. bye!

"If you forget the past, there's no point in having a personality, if you don't think about the future, there's no point in becoming a good person, but if you forget to live in the moment and do everything you can to make your life exactly the way you want it now, there's no point in living at all.

Please love yourself and your life, that way you'll learn to love life."

just some poetic thoughts I came up with... Kakiity.

Favourite genre of music: Jrock/visual kei, house, latin, trance etc...
MP3 player of choice: Ipod i guess...
Skin of choice: Plastic >:D
Favourite cartoon character: Ayame from Fruits basket!!! (I love him because his out of it!)

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